Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why "orthodoxy hunter"?

I've been asked a few times what my blog/user name means or why I chose this name. To some of you it's probably obvious, but for those whom it's not, I'll explain.

Ortho means "correct" and dox means "belief". I'm hunting for the absolutely correct interpretation of scripture. I'm a truth seeker, when it comes to matters of Christian theology. First Timothy 4:16 tells us to watch our doctrine. I've been questioning my teachers (in the faith) as long as I can remember.

I could have chosen the name truth seeker just as easily. I chose orthodoxy hunter as sort of an opposite to the pejorative phrase "heresy hunter" (which I have also been accused of before). I don't waste my time looking for the errors in others' doctrine, although I may point them out as I discover them. I busy myself with purging myself of my own mis-interpretations. Also, why should orthodoxy be a word claimed by only the Eastern Orthodox Church as a proper name? (if you are eastern orthodox, that is a rhetorical question)

I haven't chosen the name orthodoxy hunter to illustrate that I'm exploring Eastern Orthodoxy, because I'm not. It has nothing to do with the EO church, and everything to do with seeking right belief. I want to know God as completely and accurately as possible through the study of the Word so that I may trust him all the more, and better share him with others.


ihs4hpe said...

Hear, hear! :)

CB in Ca said...

By all means, seek for orthodoxy, in both faith and life. It is been rightly said, that if we don't have the Gospel right (also the Sacraments!), nothing else will be right. CB

Anonymous said...

But Orthodox and EO are about using the scriptures Jesus Christ and all Christians used the first 1500 years. Lutherans don't. They place their book of concord higher. Read the Septuagint along with the Pre and Post nicene fathers. Afterwards you'll wonder where were the lutherans then