Tuesday, January 22, 2008


A friend of mine authored a haiku poem for each of her friends. I decided to try some here, just for fun. I'm only following the 5-7-5 meter. I'm a rule breaker.

For Pastor Weedon:
anointed by Him
you share grace with great vigor
many are blessed, thanks

For Pastor Cwirla:
concentrated worth
your words nourish my spirit
the Lord be with you

For Mouthy McCain:
some controversy
yet concordia offered
sense of humor too

object's name withheld:
duplicate obverse
vested jekyll friendship hide
burro aperture

Okay, that's enough for now. LOL

1 comment:

William Weedon said...


You are a hoot! Thanks for the kind Haiku. Wish I could reciprocate in turn, but Japanese poetry in my mind is fixated at my dead wife's comb (you know that one?). ;)

Much love in Him who is the Lover of All!